Hi, my name is Denis Răzvan Sita and I am a 21 years old photographer and graphic designer from Târgu Mures, living in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

My passion for photographing? began a long time ago. I have always liked to edit pictures in an unusual and creative way, different from all the other graphic designers. I love my job as a graphic designer, so I started to look closely to every image that I had to deal with and to my surprise, I discovered that I am also interested in taking the photographs that I want to edit. This year, I borrowed a camera from my workplace and I started to take pictures, just for fun. That was until I decided that this is a serious matter that I am willing to learn and I bought my own camera. So this is how it all started. Now I take my own pictures and I somehow make them look like they belong to me, because in my editing I don’t just put my effort, I also put my soul.

You can contact me at: contact@dhdesigns.ro